Greg in Good Company

New Single "Love" Out Now!

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GREG IN GOOD COMPANY, once described fondly by a fan as "Dave Matthews Band with balls," is hard to squeeze into genre box, but their blend of folk, funk, pop and rock is earning them praise from listeners, blogs and radio stations that give their unique take on alt rock a chance. The Los Angeles-based band has been performing in southern California since being founded in 2015 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Greg Gilman, and began to build an online presence after the early 2016 release of their debut, self-titled EP. Singles included "Save Me" and "2 AM," and the band followed up the 5-track record with single "Monster's Lair," which caught the attention of LA radio station the New 88.5 FM in 2017. The band's music has also received airplay on Laguna Beach's KX 93.5 and even across the country on WXRY 99.3.

Other members of the band include pianist/vocalist Lee, lead guitarist Marty Vites, bassist Alex U'Ren and drummer Alexa Brinkschulte. Currently, they're working on new music for 2017, with a plan to release a new song every month until compiling all the tracks in the spring on their second EP.

Donald Trump's Inauguration Day marked the first new release of 2017: "American Way." The new single, and title track of the band's debut full-length album, is the band's grittiest tune yet, with screeching distortion and roaring vocals complimenting passionate lyrics reflecting on some of the biggest injustices that, sadly, still plague this country.

Greg in Good Company's music - a combination of upbeat catchy melodies, funky bass riffs, soulful vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics - is often compared to Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, The Strumbellas and Weezer, while also reminding listeners of the classic rock that ruled the airwaves decades ago. Despite comparisons or personal musical influences, the band doesn't strive to sound like anyone or anything else other than Greg in Good Company. 



Photo Credit: Ben Foerg